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Thermal Ghillie Suits

The Salient Features Of Sniper/Ghillie Suits Manufactured By Us Are As Under:

Light Weight,

Colour Combination: Matching The Terrain,

Incised Design Pattern Simulating With The Terrain,

Matte Finish: Having No Gloss I.e. No Risk Of Reflection,

Combustibility: Self Extinguishing With No Risk Of Flame Propagation,

Water And Moisture Resistant,

Resistant To Damage By UV-Rays,

Resistant To Damage By Micro-organisms,

Heat And Cold Resistant: Withstands Temperatures From -30℃ To +70℃ Without Any Deterioration In Its Camouflaging Properties,

Long Life: Shelf Life - Seven Years Under Standard Warehouse Storage Conditions And Three Years Field Conditions.