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Jetcord Sdn Bhd is a company (Company No. 928355-A), incorporated with the Companies Commission of Malaysia on 1st January 2011. The principal nature of Jetcord is sale, purchase and leasing of aircrafts, transport aviation, avionics, maintenance and servicing of aircrafts and aircraft equipment. 

Jetcord took delivery of its first aircraft (CofR 9MJCA) in April 27th 2011 and commenced operations successfully after obtaining the Certificate of Airworthiness (CN-M.1491, ASN-34-8333021) under Transport (Passenger) Category in August 10th, 2012. Jetcord, after the successful take-off, has rapidly grown to become an industry leader in the area of sourcing aircrafts and aircraft parts, leasing, spares and aircraft charter in Malaysia.

DEFENCE (Technical Textile)

Jetcord is also engaged in supplying wide range of Camouflaging Equipment and Fabrics, being used by Armed Forces throughout the world. Our strength lies in the Customized Multispectral Camouflage Nets, which provide concealment to the Troops, Strategic Defence Installations, Weapons Systems, Command Posts, Military Vehicles, etc. against all types of high-precision, optical and electronic surveillance and target acquisition systems, operating in different bands of EM Spectra, like binoculars, Telescopes, Periscopes, Night Vision Devices, Thermal Imaging Sensors, Radars etc. 

IT (Global Defence Mart)

The rise of digitalization is transforming the B2B market. And the greatest change in the B2B market is the rise of B2B portals which helps in creating more opportunities in accelerating business growth by connecting buyers with suppliers, but only those companies that adapt to the change. 

Jetcord, who have been focused for five consecutive years on bringing this great idea and enterprise solution, aiming to enhance the industrial trade communities in defence & homeland security by offering an unmatched services in providing the most user friendly online platform i.e., that connects suppliers with buyers anytime, anywhere and from any location across the world. 

Global Defence Mart (GDM)  is an exclusive defence online and print publication that features recent trade progresses made, trade news, trade articles and upcoming defence exhibitions and trade shows. GDM online & print edition, also contains a separate section of consolidated database of defence suppliers and service providers for a quick ready reference for buyers/sellers to develop and generate new business opportunities in the area of defence trade and technology.